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Tales of Demons and Gods manga is one of the most amazing action manga in the manga history. The best way to describe the story would be to imagine what will happen if you die; seems not that fun? Well.. the story starts with our main character suddenly waking up in a classroom as a middle school student(Come on, it’s in tales of demons and gods manga!). He realizes that he has been back in time for some reason to several years ago when he was in middle school(Yeah, Tales of Demons and Gods get’s a little hazy here). It is not surprised that he meets his teacher and then he begins trying hard to remember what happened to him. His past memories flash in-front of his eyes and he realizes that he died when fighting a demon( Tales of Demon and Gods manga is really amazing right?) At the beginning, he is unable to comprehend what has indeed happened to him but soon those past comes to haunt him. Now, he is the only one in his city that knows the future. (for more detailed information about Tales of Demon and Gods manga I suggest you to visit wiki) He knows exactly what’s going to happen and how it is going to happen. His mission is to become stronger and stronger than anyone else in the world so that he can protect his people from terrible attacks if his city go to suffer. Shortly speaking, Tales of Demon and Gods manga is a really exciting story about a brave boy who struggles all his life to protect those people that he loves. During his journey, he also manages to fall in love with a girl and develops a deep love for his family. Tales of Demons and Gods portrays a deep story in a very engaging manner. It creates a hero that many people have forgotten and at the same time helps us remember the old ones.Tales of Demons and Gods manga is worth for your reading!

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