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Prison School (監獄学園プリズンスクール Purizun Sukūru)[a] is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Akira Hiramoto. Summary of prison school manga: Hachimitsu Academy, known for its strict academic standards and even stricter school code, is making a giant change this year. In the first time in school history, they are allowing boys to be admitted. As Fujino Kiyoshi starts his first day at Hachimitsu Academy he is shocked to find out that there are only 4 other guys in the entire school, making the ratio of girls to boys 200:1. And to their dismay, not one of the thousand girls will talk to them or even acknowledge them. But Kiyoshi and the guys are about to find out about the shadow student council that has been threatening the female students about interacting with male students----Warning/Spoiler: This manga contains EXTREME fan-service.Won the Kodansha Manga Award 2013 for best general manga.Note by Batoto Staff:Due to the fact that this series is now licensed and distributed in the West by Yen Press, the earlier chapters have been removed. Please support the official release. Also, this is not Shoujo-Ai. Please don't mark it as such. For more information about Prison School manga please visit

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